Abstract Submission Guidelines

1) Abstract MUST be submitted online through the ISGC&E 2013 website by February 28, 2013
....March 20, 2013.

2) Abstract MUST be written in English ONLY.
3) Abstract must not have been published or submitted for presentation to any national and/or international
... meeting before the ISGC&E 2013.
4) The total length of the abstract must not exceed 500 words.
5) Please input your abstract into online submission program.
6) Acknowledgement of your abstract submission will be sent to the presenting/corresponding authors' email
... addresses.
7) Modifications may be made before the abstract submission system is closed.
8) Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to submit the full paper in the second round.

Abstract should include the following scopes:
Smart Grid Infrastructure
● Smart Grid Architectures: Model, VPP, Multi-Microgrid Design & Operation
● Smart Grid City: Smart Grid for Regional Community or Industrial Complex
● Smart Grid Standardization: Activities related to Smart Grid Standards
● Smart Grid Projects: Test-Bed, Field Test, R & D & D related to Smart Grid
Smart Power Grid
● Smart Transmission Systems: Real-Time Wide Area M & C, Advanced EMS, Self-Healing
● Smart Distribution Systems: DMS, DC Distribution, DER/ESS/DR/EV Integration
● Smart Power Apparatus: Smart Switch/Breaker/Reay, IED, Advanced Power Electronics, HVDC
● Smart Power ICT: Smart ICT Integration, Cyber Security, Advanced ICT
Smart Renewables
● MicroGrid Technology: EMS, PQCC, M&C, Field Test, Operation Mode Transition
● Energy Storage Systems: BESS, FESS, SMES, CAES for Small/Medium Capacity
● Power Quality Compensation: DVR, SVC, STATCOM, SVC, UPQC, LVRT Technology
● Renewable Power Exchange: Real-Time Electricity Tariff, PQ-Differentiated Services
Smart Electricity Service
● Smart Electricity Pricing System: Real-Time Pricing System, Customer CBL Analysis
● Smart Demand Response: Real-Time Loads Modeling/Analysis/Evaluation/Optimization
● Smart Power Exchange: Intelligent Bi-lateral Exchange, Integrated Resources Exchange System
Smart Transportation
● Devices & Materials: Advanced Battery, EV-charging Devices, EV-materials
● Charging Infrastructure: Charging Network, ICT Service Platform, Certification Module
● V2G: Interconnection/Operation, PCS for EV, Advanced EV
Smart Consumer
● Advanced Metering Infrastructure: Smart Metering, Intelligent In-Home Devices, MDMS
● EMS(Energy Management System): Home/Bilding/Factory EMS, BMS, DER Inter-connection
● Bilateral Communication Network: Network Management & Standardization, E-Integrated Portal System
Step for Abstract Submission