The Organizing Committee of ISGC&E 2013 has prepared Technical Tour for conference delegates. Regular participants, students, and accompanying persons can join this program free of charge. Please check your participation when you register in the website.

Date & Time : 12:00-18:00, July 10(Wed.), 2013
..........................※ Lunch Box will be provided in the bus on the way to Jeju Smart Grid Test-bed.
Time Program
12:00-13:30 Move to SmartGrid Museum Having Lunch in a Bus
13:30-15:30 Tour through SmartGrid Museum +
KEPCO Smart Grid + Total Operation Center
15:30-16:00 Move to SeongsanIlchulbong Peak  
16:00-16:40 Tour through SeongsanIlchulbong Peak UNESCO World Heritage
16:40-18:00 Move to ICC Jeju or Jeju International Airport  
Korea’s Jeju Smart Grid Test-bed :
Korea came up with a proactive and ambitious plan to build a Smart Grid Test-bed on Jeju Island. This Test-bed will also serve as the foundation for the commercialization and industrial export of Smart Grid technologies.
SmartGrid Museum E-Odyssey
Is where you can experience the concept of SmartGrid and Jeju Test-bed through models and images. You can experience the energy production, application, storage and donation with recycle stick and explore the future in year 2030 after deployment of SmartGrid.
The Future in Year 2030
- The Time Machine 2030: Experience, in animations, the future of the Smart Island in the year of 2030 by operating the electric vehicle "Smart Cube" powered by the Recycle Stick.
- The SmartGrid& the Green Future - Where Tomorrow's Change Begins: Introduce the concept, necessity and vision of SmartGrid through graphic panels and LCD monitors.
Smart Island
- The World Best Model, Smart Grid Test Bed: Operate the model and videos of the Jeju SmartGrid Test Bed and introduce the test bed project with power supply from the Recycle Stick.
- Security and Standardization: Inform of the necessity of cyber-security through graphic panels and video clips and introduce standardization through graphic panels.
Energy Factory
- Solar Light - Blessed by the Sun: When a visitor inserts the discharged Recycle Stick into the charging slot and put the hand on the switch, the artificial LED sun emit light and the light concentrate at the concentrator. Electricity generated at the concentrator charges the Recycle Stick.
- Wind Power - the Touch of Wind: When a visitor inserts the Recycle Stick into the charging slot, a cool wind blows from the ceiling, by which the wind motor rotates, generating electricity that charges the Recycle Stick.
- Energy Storage: The actual devices that store energy generated by new renewable energy are showcased.
The Bigger Energy
- The Energy Tree: When a visitor returns the Recycle Stick, the remaining energy in the stick is automatically donated for charging, and the information on the visitor is displayed on the Energy Tree as a form of the energy leaf.
KEPCO Smart Grid :
SK SmartGrid : (only in Korean)
GS Caltex :